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Academic Writing (5-6G)-AW

8pm EDT/5pm PDT | Wednesdays | 1/17-5-15

  • Started Jan 18
  • 595 US dollars
  • Online - Zoom

Service Description

Introducing our innovative Spring Enrichment course, where academic writing and digital citizenship unite to cultivate well-rounded and responsible 21st-century learners. Through this unique curriculum, students will embark on a transformative educational journey that blends the art of crafting compelling research papers with the essential principles of digital responsibility and safety. In the academic writing component, students will sharpen their analytical and communication skills, mastering the techniques of formulating thesis statements, conducting thorough research, and presenting cohesive arguments. They will learn to navigate various writing styles, citation formats, and hone their critical thinking abilities to produce impactful research papers. Simultaneously, our digital citizenship module equips students with the knowledge and tools to navigate the digital realm responsibly. They will gain insights into finding reliable and unbiased sources, online privacy, the responsible use of AI, avoiding plagiarism and fostering a positive online presence. Emphasizing ethical conduct, students will be empowered to leverage technology for academic pursuits while respecting intellectual property and upholding online integrity. Join us this Spring as we synergize the worlds of academic writing and digital citizenship, preparing students to excel academically and be responsible digital citizens in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Together, we'll cultivate a generation of informed, articulate, and digitally-aware individuals, equipped to make a positive impact in both their academic and virtual realms. About the instructor: Dr. Lynch has been a full-time English Language Arts teacher at the high school level for more than 26 years. She is also an advisor for the school newspaper and yearbook for her high school. As an avid writer, she has published several articles in magazines such as Youth and Tech as well as a college textbook on radio broadcasting. 本课程将教授学术写作和如何使用网络来查找文献,而使写出的文章严谨且有说服力。 在学术写作部分,学生将提高分析和交流技能,掌握撰写论文、进行深入研究和提出有说服力论点的技巧。他们将学习驾驭各种写作风格和引用格式,磨练批判性思维能力,以撰写出有影响力的研究论文。 在网络文献部分,他们将深入了解如何寻找可靠和公正的信息来源、网络隐私、负责任地使用人工智能、避免抄袭以及培养积极的网络形象。在强调道德行为的同时,学生将有能力利用科技进行学术追求,同时尊重知识产权和维护网络诚信。 Dates: 1/17-5/15,with one week off Spring Break, total 17 classes Days: Wed Time: 8pm EDT/5pm PDT

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If there are less than four students enrolled for a class, Boluo School reserves the right to cancel the class. Boluo School strives to provide the best quality service for each student. If a course does not meet your expectations, Boluo School will refund the remaining tuition before the second class. However, notice must be given within the first week of starting a course.

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