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Reading and Writing - Grades 1-3

1:1 ELA Lessons

  • 55 minutes
  • Online

Service Description

Welcome to our engaging and interactive Language Arts class designed for 1st through 3rd graders! At Boluo School, we are committed to nurturing the love of language and literature in young learners, while building essential language and literacy skills. Our course is designed to create a strong foundation for students in the world of language arts. Curriculum: We are proud to use the renowned IXL curriculum, a comprehensive and adaptive learning platform that tailors the learning experience to each student's unique needs. IXL is a trusted resource used by educators across the globe to reinforce and expand language arts skills. With IXL, your child will have access to a vast array of interactive exercises and activities that make learning fun, interactive, and personalized. Key Skills We Will Teach: Reading Comprehension: Our young learners will embark on a journey to enhance their reading comprehension skills. We will work on understanding texts, identifying main ideas, making inferences, and drawing conclusions. Through the IXL platform, students will have access to a wide variety of reading materials and interactive exercises to improve their comprehension. Phonics and Vocabulary: We will help students develop a strong foundation in phonics and expand their vocabulary. From decoding words to understanding word meanings, our lessons will focus on building essential language skills. Interactive exercises and activities on IXL will keep the learning process engaging. Writing Skills: Our dedicated instructors will guide your child in becoming proficient writers. We'll explore sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation. Students will have the opportunity to craft their own stories, essays, and creative pieces, fostering their creativity and expression. Spelling and Grammar: Proper spelling and grammar are crucial in effective communication. Through engaging activities on IXL, students will improve their spelling, punctuation, and grammar skills, leading to clearer and more effective writing. Certified and Experienced Teachers: At Boluo School, we believe in the power of experienced and certified educators. All our instructors have classroom experience and are certified to teach young learners. They are passionate about creating a positive and engaging learning environment, ensuring your child's success in language arts.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule a class, please contact us (or your instructor directly) at least 24 hours prior to cancellation.

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