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Wuhan Program

    With over 12 million confirmed cases and over 570,000 deaths, the coronavirus pandemic has affected countless families around the globe and brought with it an onslaught of unforeseen issues.  At the heart of the aftermath lies Wuhan, China: the cultural center of Central China and a hub for economic, political and social growth.  The city of Wuhan entered lockdown on January 23, and its 11 million inhabitants were confined to their homes for another three months, in dire need of resources and unable to leave. 


    We at the Boluo School immediately recognized the severity of the situation in Wuhan, and sought to take action.  As a result of the quarantine, children in Wuhan were unable to attend school for an extended period of time, and many of their districts did not have the resources to make the switch to online schooling.  Therefore, we launched a special program specifically tailored to the youth of Wuhan, through the form of reading group Zoom meetings led by youth mentors.  The program was entirely free, and available to children throughout the city.  The program was designed to teach the English language, one of the core classes in most Chinese curriculums, in a way that was engaging and interactive with the children from Wuhan.  This encompassed reading current news passages, analyzing critical thinking questions and opening up to divergent thinking through open-ended questions.  The youth mentors went out of their way to accommodate the situation; some utilized their knowledge of the Chinese language to better explain key ideas and concepts, while others taught class sizes of up to 20 kids in order to ensure that all those who registered were able to participate. 


    As an organization, we are all proud of the efforts each and every one of us has made during these trying times to put the greater good above their own personal needs.  The students, ranging from second to eighth grade, were missing vital months of their education, and we wanted to help them to the best of our ability in light of the countless other issues plaguing their communities.  In just these few months we were able to run a total of 15 sessions for close to 100 students, and we truly hope that we were able to make a positive impact on these children’s lives.

~~~~~~Delivered to You by Honored Boluo Club Mentors~~~~~~

Kefan Y.

Camellia Y.

Acacia Y.

Yifan Y.

Christopher Z.

Eric Z.

Grace H.

Joshua P.

Live session with Boluo Club mentor from home

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