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Meet Our Team

Dream Big, Read!

We are a team of passionate high school students from all over US.  We share our love for reading, and we hope to impart this love with others.  Knowledge is a seed that grows when you read.  Join us!  Free your imagination, and let our journey begin!

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Co-founder & President

I am 16 years old, and a junior in high school. I have loved reading and writing ever since my early childhood, and enjoy talking to people and discussing the material I read. I have been nominated and received awards for Teen Arts poetry contests, and still both read and write in my free time. Apart from literature, I am a varsity high school fencer, a junior/cadet firefighter, and an avid fan of soccer. I hope to be able to discuss the ideas that everyone has gleaned individually from their readings, and have some fun along the way.

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